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WELCOME TO COLD DARKNESS! We are an Awesome GUILD! Thanks for checking out our site!

We are located on Garona. Our guild master and all of the officers are from the server we are on now. We are a new guild and are getting a lot and a lot more people each day to join us!

We try the best we can to be an awesome, fantastic, family guild. We are like a family guild here.We help the members quest do dungeons instances help them level as the need our help and more. We are recruiting all levels, classes and races. The guild is not just a friendly guild like I said before we are a helpful one and we do raids, quests, instances/dungeons if a member needs help we help them and we want them to be happy and enjoy the guild.
We are accepting all levels to join us and this wonderful awesome guild.

We are a nice guild we help all levels, and if you need help ask, don't be upset or embarrassed for asking. You will learn from asking and your mistakes, we all make them its okay! AND most of all HAVE FUN!